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Breaking Stamp News

Artist’s king eider duck wins junior duck stamp contest 16-year-old artist’s king eider duck wins junior duck stamp contest
Sixteen-year-old artist Si Youn Kim of New Jersey won the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2014-15 federal junior duck stamp contest. (Read more...)

U.S. Stamps and Postal History

This example of the 1918 24¢ Jenny Invert airmail error stamp was enclosed in a locket by Col. Edward H.R. Green. The locket containing both the error stamp and a normal 24¢ Jenny airmail stamp will be auctioned May 15 by H.R. Harmer of Tustin, Calif. Jenny Invert 'locket copy' to auction May 15; Col. Green's gift to his wife has long history
Among the most unusual people ever to pursue the stamp hobby was Edward Howland Robinson (Ned) Green. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Insights

Stamp Market Tips: People’s Republic of China China airmail set from 1957-58
People’s Republic of China — The People’s Republic of China hasn’t issued many airmail stamps: just one set of five (Scott C1-C5) on May 1, 1951, and another set of four (C6-C9) in 1957-58. (Read more...)

International Stamps and Postal History

Finland announces second half of its 2013 stamp program Finland announces second half of its 2014 stamp program
Finland announced the second half of its 2014 stamp program April 13, but of the seven sets of stamps to be issued, only one is receiving widespread publicity. (Read more...)

Postal News

World’s oldest post office offered for sale World’s oldest post office, founded in 1712, offered for sale
The world’s oldest operating post office is for sale, according to a press release from the Post Office, the United Kingdom’s retail company of 11,500 branches that provide a variety of services, including selling postage stamps. (Read more...)

Editorial Insights

Editor Consider becoming a blogger for Linns.com
Later this year, we will roll out a brand-new Linns.com website. (Read more...)